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Being a part of the musical

Being a part of the musical was an experience like no other. I learned so much through the experience about myself, about dedication and involves having the best time doing what you love. Being on stage for me was slightly terrifying which seems crazy but it was definitely a starting point for my passion for speaking. Being part of a musical you become a part of a family with your team. It is a crazy amount of work that is truly satisfying when you see the results. i loved that this was an experience that my sister and I did together!

It is very different trying to participate in something such as a musical when you are in a wheelchair as for one there is is not a lot of space. Changing in the smallest area of backstage was very interesting. Above all this stress, craziness I managed to sprain my ankle a couple of days before opening night which made it a little tricky but nothing was can stop me from being a part of something I’ve worked so hard to be a part of. I’ve always loved singing and my version of dancing. Everyone involved in the musical made a special effort to make sure that I was included and felt comfortable. I realized how much I loved the organizing and backstage parts which will have an effect on my future plans.

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