In my experience as a teacher, franchise owner and professional sports coach, I have had the pleasure of working with and listening to many motivational people. Kerry Walsh is one of the very finest speakers I’ve ever come across.

Her speeches have influenced many young and older minds alike. Kerry is a compassionate and motivating public speaker. Her passion and story line are infectious.

Her experiences give children, young adults, and older people an insight and a fresh outlook on what living life with a disability entails. She also reminds us of the amazing opportunities that life offers us and enables people to re look at their lives with a new perspective.

Her speeches are amusing, informative and she can connect on an emotional level with her audience. I highly recommend Kerry to any organisation, school, or public event for a wonderful and new viewpoint on how to enrich your lives, see the world through an inspirational and amazing young lady’s eye. I guarantee you will leave her speech feeling joyful and encouraged to be the best that you can be.

Abby Botha

I was invited to a Gauteng Breastfeeding Forum Symposium in July 2019 where Kerry was a guest speaker. She was eloquent and articulate and made for riveting listening as she told her life story. I felt admiration for Kerry and honored to have had the privilege of listening to her story.

A remarkable young lady who I have had the pleasure of interacting with at many of my company’s expo’s over the past few years. Excellent with the public whom she interacted with. I would certainly encourage a company or individual who are looking for a motivational speaker, to listen to Kerry’s story.

You will be moved…

Anne Badenhorst

I have been privileged to know the Walsh family since long before Kerry was born. Together with that I am honored to be one of the godmothers to Kerry and her twin sister, Jade.

I have watched Kerry grow from the sweetest baby with the biggest eyes, to the fun, caring and inspiring young woman she is today. Kerry has a fierceness of spirit that is admirable. She has a way of capturing people to listen to her story.

Kerry has never shied away from anything difficult. Having SMA has not slowed her down, but just the opposite. An advocate for accessibility for all people, an accomplished motivational speaker and a desire to help others make her an incredible young lady with an amazingly positive attitude. I stand in awe of you, Kerry.

Tracy Newman – Beaulieu Prep

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your time in coming in to talk to our High School pupils. Your life journey is one of true inspiration and the grit and determination you have shown in your journey and daily life is one that our pupils can look up to. How you interact and share with the pupils is something spectacular – one of your many talents. Thank you for coming to show us all, young and old, the true meaning of grit and determination. You are a real-life example of not letting your circumstances defy your path.

Chaland van Zyl – Educational Psychologist at Brescia House School

I sat in the front row with tears streaming down my cheeks while Kerry owned the stage as the opening speaker. I did not wipe the tears away, I was immersed in every single word that she spoke. She spoke about life, living, a testament to courage, to living with meaning. She spoke about treasuring our ability to walk and speak with ease and how most of us take it for granted… I watched in awe and I hung on every word!

Alison Weihe from Pechakucha Johannesburg

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