Fundraising Past Events

Captain Entertainment

On Monday 7th September the Walsh family held a fundraiser at the Barnyard in Broadacres. The show kindly performed by Ian von Memerty with a prelude by George Hattingh – was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the 480 people who attended.

There were raffles for exciting prizes such as a month’s membership to Planet Beach, earrings, a painting, theatre tickets, a dressed teddy bear and lovely hampers as well as a silent auction for a wildlife canvas and three vintage 1.5 litre bottles of wine. All of these helped swell the coffers and along with numerous donations we managed to raise around R60,000.

The first purchase is going to be a manual wheelchair to be used as a backup for when Kerry gets the odd puncture or malfunction of her “pink cadillac”.

Our thanks go out to all who donated products, prizes and everyone who dragged themselves out on a Monday evening and assisted by filling the seats, your support is greatly appreciated.

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