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Past speaking engagements

It’s funny to think about how I didn’t always love speaking in front of an audience but nowadays its where I seem to feel most comfortable. It all started when the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation asked my mother if I’d be willing to speak at Parktown Boys for Casual Day. My mother immediately (without asking me) said yes! My first reaction was what do I know about speaking to people about SMA and Casual Day. Anyway, the speaking engagement was the day after we got back from Durban and I assumed that my mother had phoned back to say no thank you. She hadn’t and we were on our way there with nothing prepared. I wrote a couple of things down in the car on the way but I still wasn’t sure about this. Fast forward to being on the stage in front of something like 500 boys (Panicking!). I must have said something but it’s a complete blur to me. We are leaving and one of the boys comes up to me and says, “Thank you so much and may I take a picture with you?” At this exact moment, I started thinking maybe this was my purpose. I always believed that everything happens for a reason, maybe my reason is to encourage people to keep pushing and to make the most of their amazing lives!

After I matriculated in 2015 I was very unsure of my future however I knew that I had something to say. KmotivationSA was born in January 2016. I wanted to follow my passion for creating accessibility and wanting to encourage people.
I’ve been so lucky to have spoken to so many different people.

•Parktown Boys High
• Johannesburg Mini Council meeting
• Kidisportz franchises meeting
• Brescia high school x2
• Cliffview primary school
• Dainfern primary school x2
• Muscular Dystrophy work shop
• Hirsch women networking event
• Heronbrige college
• Sandton Rotary
• BENS pre-primary x2
•Redford house
•Curro Rivonia
• Crawford Lonehill pre-primary
•Breastfeeding symposium

With all my speaking engagements also came the awesome opportunity to be on the radio a couple of times to create awareness for SMA and awareness around living with a disability. I have loved every moment and I’m so excited for what is to come.

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