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    The schooling experience can be the defining years of a young individual’s life. Being able to participate within a mainstream schooling environment was extremely important for me and my family. It…

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    Traveling in a wheelchair is always an adventure. We went to Cape Town for the Easter holiday and it was exactly what my soul needed. It’s never an easy situation when…

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    Love or caretaker

    I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone! Love is complicated for most people and the 21st century way of online dating makes it even more intricate. I’ve…

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    International Rare Disease Day is on the 28th of February 2021, and KmotivationSA is getting involved. Being RARE, by definition, infers being unique, highly valuable, and possessing admirable or exemplary qualities.…

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    22 in Pediatrics

    With COVID-19 everything is a bit different including hospital experiences. For most 22-year-olds it is normal to go to the hospital by yourself but when you require assistance for nearly everything…

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    SMA Awareness month

    It’s the second greatest month of the year (my birthday month is in October) August is #smaawarnessmonth and we want to get everyone talking about SMA, accessibility and create awareness around…