You are not a burden

Understanding the following statements and why they do not make you a burden is so important for your mindset. This especially helped me understand that I wasn’t a burden!

A burden can be defined as a load, typically a heavy one. What do you believe makes you a burden, what makes you any less than somebody else? People go through many phases of understanding being a burden. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that the people that truly care about you don’t consider you a burden and you are never beyond fixing!

For needing help

I was not always very good at asking for help, I often wanted to show that I was independent and over and above that I wasn’t broken or useless. It took me so many years to understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength and a symbol of understanding that you are not capable of doing everything and that you may need help.

I learned that asking for help didn’t mean that I couldn’t do it and didn’t mean that I couldn’t try. It just meant that sometimes I needed a little bit of help to achieve the task. You truly understand that people want to help, and they want to help in the best way possible. Asking and explaining what sort of help you need can be so important.

For having feelings

So often people push their feelings aside and so often feelings are considered to not be necessary. We as a society are taught to be strong and powerful and not show to much emotion as women because then we are considered to be weak. I personally believe that emotions are so important and feeling your feelings is how you cope and grow and move past things. Bottling things up has never helped anybody achieve anything! You need to be able to have your feelings and you need to be able to express your feelings without being embarrassed or ostracized.

As a society as a whole, we need to learn to accept people’s feelings and we need to learn not to judge people for the way that they feel. Sometimes you just need to be sad and sometimes you just need to be angry. The only way to get over something is to feel the feelings and know how you can cope and deal with them in order to move on.

For wanting understanding

Everyone in this world wants to fit in and everyone in this world wants to feel that they are understood. I personally feel like everybody deserves to be understood and everybody deserves the opportunity to share a story in order to create understanding. In this life there are so many opportunities to grow and understand somebody and understand where they have come from that it is so important to take each and every one of these moments.

For struggling

You cannot always be 100% together, you cannot ways be completely okay. Everybody struggles and it is important to know that you have somebody there for you in the struggle. I have turned to my friends and family during my most difficult times. Often this is the moment you feel most like a burden because you feel like you are not being strong enough. You feel like you’re putting your situation onto somebody else. The first thing I learned to understand is that if they didn’t want to help you, they wouldn’t. The reason that they are your friends and family is that they care about you and want to help you. You never have to struggle alone, and you are never alone!

For showing weakness

This burden is strongly connected to the previous one, in terms of how showing weakness doesn’t make you a failure, it shows that you understand yourself better than you think and shows that you know when your body cannot handle it anymore. I feel that showing weakness shows a whole new level of intelligence and a whole new understanding of yourself. It shows that you know what you can handle it also shows that you are human and that you have an insight into your emotions.

I’ve often believed that there is an expectation for me to always be happy and an expectation for me always to look at the positive side. The only person that created this expectation was me. People just expect me to be 100% myself. Even if that maybe include some tears sometimes or not always having an answer to a scary situation. You are not a burden for understanding your emotions. You are not a burden for being emotional. You are not a burden for not always feeling like you’ve got everything under control.

For being in a healing and learning process

The greatest opportunity in life that we have is the opportunity to grow and the opportunity to heal. Even over the last few years, we have all been through so much. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to heal and the opportunity to grow and understand where we are going. You should not feel bad or feel like you are a burden because you need time and because you need to look after yourself. We all forget that the main priority in our lives should be ourselves! We cannot help anyone until we help ourselves.

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