SMA Awareness

SMA Awareness Month 2022

For the month of August 2022 we ran a video campaign to create awareness around SMA!

Week 1

Do you know what SMA is? Join me this month as I share my story to create awareness for SMA as well as what it is like living with a disability in South Africa. The first thing I need to do when I want to go somewhere, make a call to find out if the place is wheelchair friendly. Meaning do they have a ramp instead of stairs… are the floors cobblestone or smooth. Is there a ramp where the pedestrian crossings are? These are basic things that someone like me struggles with on a day to day basis. This month, I want to bring these small (yet big in my life), thing to your attention.

Week 2

My goal this month is to create awareness. Awareness about SMA. A disease that has captivated my life and made day to day tasks a little tougher… some might even say a lot tougher. I like to stay positive, and look at my situation as an opportunity for me to help people understand this disease, and be more mindful of people like me when they design things like; stairs, cups, cars, ramps, house … etc. I don’t want this disease to be something that majority of people ask… what is that… So with that being said. Without further ado. Welcome to a day in my life.

August is SMA awareness month and the second Saturday in August is worldwide SMA candle lighting day. Please join us as SMA families and organizations around world at sunset and light a candle wherever you may be to remember those who lost their battle with SMA and to honor those who are still here fighting every day.

Week 3

I was asked what motivates me… The answer was simple… My family. This post is a massive shout out to all they have done and continue to do for me daily. Without them I would not be where I am today!What motivates you on a daily basis?

Week 4

You heard my story during the month of August. It’s now time for me to listen to yours. Sharing your story might be what someone needs to hear that enables them to no longer feel alone in this sometimes very lonely world. Don’t ever feel your story is not worth sharing or is not powerful enough to be heard. You will be surprised at who is touched and encouraged.

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