Everybody wants to feel as if they belong, everybody wants to be a part of a team or group. Unfortunately, not everybody always feels welcome. I was born with a rare disease and I’ve been confined to a wheelchair from a very young age and this, unfortunately, means that I didn’t look like everybody else that was around me. It means that I may not have been considered to be a part of the group because I didn’t look like everybody else. I was given the life expectancy of five years old and no opportunity to succeed in life however that didn’t work for me and I plan to leave my mark on this world and create an accessible and inclusive world for everybody.

Just because someone may have a disability doesn’t mean they’re any less and have any this chance of being a successful world-changing, human being. Just remember that everybody just wants to fit in and everybody is dealing with their own lives that you may not understand so listen to them understand their story and create an inclusive world for everybody.

This is an amazing campaign and everyone should get involved! The My Story Tribe Tweenologysa Pic-a-Tee

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